Mouth Trap extracts

Mouth Trap

Hey you guys, Marty Java here. I got a great ebook of modern radical poetry from poet Jed Stone. Here’s a little taste of it below and if you like it, you can buy it in the amazon kindle store here:


 Nobody cheats like corporate bankers

greedy, grasping, selfish wankers

sucking the economy dry

and bleeding us like leeches

never questioning, we wonder why

yet history forever teaches

that power corrupts

and absolute power corrupts absolutely


So why should we stand aghast and mystified

to see those fall, who stood and lied

behind our backs and to our faces

telling us that all is well when in fact

in a handbasket we’re all going to hell


Our pensions wrecked, our homes for sale

as mortgage rates forever rise and cripple us

but the slaves that we are, indentured

and powerless drones like mindless sheep

or pawns in a game, can do nothing to reclaim

that which is lost forever, without a revolution


shoot them in the head and string them from the nearest lampposts

a salutary warning to all who conspire to meddle with our lives

or better still…let them resign with full honour and golden handshake

all of those who were ‘on the make’ retiring to some sunny clime

and spend their hard earned time reflecting in the sun

on the filthy, rotten things done to their fellow man


bankers, bankers, sheer rotten to the bone, corporate gangsters

at least Dick Turpin wore a mask and not a suit and tie

at least he stood, gun in hand, shouting stand and deliver

we could tell straight away, out of which mould he sprang

but these new fangled felons with a pen, make us shiver


magic numbers in spread sheets, balance sheets, balancing act

playing Russian Roulette with a loaded gun

and how stupid were we to let them dupe us for so long

their cartels all price fixing and keeping us poor and weak

while they grew strong


come Lenin, come Trotsky, come Tolstoy and Dostoevsky

come Marx and Pushkin and Turgenev, Chekhov and Ibsen

awaken us again with your thoughts on paper

give us strength to walk beneath your banners


come Nietzsche and Kierkegaard, banish the sheep

with our herd mentality, may we forever suffer and weep?


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