I Like Coffee, I like Tea, but which is best?

I like coffee, I like tea…so goes the lyric in the old Ink Spots song. Which do you prefer? Are you as they say a ‘hardened’ tea drinker, or do you crave the java, which, without  copious amounts your day wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans…coffee beans, that is!

If you’ve seen my You Tube rantings about ebooks and java, that’s JC Gallacher’s eBooks & Coffee channel, you’ll know I aver on the side of java. Nothing beats a hot, steaming cup of fres coffee, because, unlike tea, the aroma, the milk or cream or strictly noir,  is streets ahead of its old rival, tea.

Now I know out there in tea land, there’ll be some of you folks who swear by different teas, lapsang souchong, darjeeling, earl grey, etc, heck, you might even be into herbal stuff, cammomile, berries, peppermint etc, but for my money, it just can’t nor ever will compete with the dear old java.

At home I have an expresso/esspresso pot, a percolator machine, beans AND fresh ground. I must admit, thhis sounds so childish, but I never cease to get a kick out of getting out the beans, popping them into the coffee mill and giving ’em a good grinding (God, that sounds so sexual!)

I like ground coffe in the bag, but, I still prefer my freshly ground beans there and then. The smell of coffee in the pot wafts through my house, giving it an inviting scent and finally when you sit down with a fresh sweet white coffee….boy oh boy….sheer ecstasy on the taste buds.

I like all kinds of coffee but do prefer darker, more aromatic  roasts. Someow i find them more ‘flavoursome’ and I hate, loathe and utterly detest bland coffee. There’s nothing worse…like cat’s piss!

I must admit, I’m not a coffee snob, although I have my favourite brands. I like Lavazza or Illy, Carte Noir or Dow Egberts and of course, from Scotland, Thomsons own brands. (coffee connoisseurs and manufacturers of quality teas and coffees).   

On the subject of coffee, I know you purists out there may castigate me for saying this, but I simply could not, repeat, could not drink BLACK  coffee. To me it would taste like liquorice and I absolutely detest the plain black liquorice sticks in Bassett’s Allsorts! (sorry Bertie).

I klnow in all the old wild west films, the cowboys all drank coffee noir and in loads of american movies, coffee was always on the stove and served black…but nope, not for me pal!

Anyhoo, how do you like your coffee? Do you have a favourite brand or type? Why don’t you drop me a line and say hi, from one coffee lover to another…aw go on…we’re more sociable.





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