With Aplomb (extract poem)


With ease they stand there, in public view
in their smartly pressed designer suits
shiny shoes, collar and tie
claiming they are just like us
the common five eights,
smiling for the cameras,
hugging babies and
eagerly shaking hands with the public
flashing their practised smiles
spouting their political clichés
and finely tuned, polished rhetoric
which, if analysed closely
means absolutely fuck all
and has no real value or substance
like the froth on top of a coffee cup

Vote for us, they say,
and we’ll change the world
make it a better place
Oh yeah! for who? the five percent?
the global elite who rule this world
and play games with peoples’ lives everyday

Gimme a break!
They don’t give a shit about us
all they care for is empire building
it’s the emperor’s new clothes
all over again
we know they’re lying
they know we know they’re lying
But everyone plays dumb and pretends
it will all be okay

We all know, deep down that it won’t
and like the stupid mindless sheep that we are
we get the wool pulled over our eyes again

What we need is a new, true revolution
a bloodless coup
where we kick those lying, deceitful bastards
into touch and out of power

Jesus said ‘let your yes be yes and your no be no’
anything else comes from lies and deceit
give us back plain speakers
who put their money where their mouth is
and practise what they preach

Give us someone who realises
they can’t please everyone
and one who doesn’t try to court everyone’s vote
nor curry favour to all

unlike the current sycophants in power
obsequious, fawning, toadies
lickspittles and cap doffers
who trade war against profits
and lives against wealth

Forget the man who speaks with ease
and acts with aplomb
who looks like a male mannikin
in a clothes shop window

We want a man, plain of clothes and voice,
who smiles not at the slightest opportunity
who will stand by his principles in the face of
pressure, who will weather the storm
when the going gets tough

A man who can straddle all classes
and speak with candour and openness
who can deliver the goods
without reneging on promises

A man who is always aware that he is a servant
and not a master of the public
one who knows how to serve with humility
and lead with honesty and simplicity
from the top, by example

One who can be a shining example to others
and a beacon for the world
to usher in a new era of productivity
and make us proud once again to be ordinary
people, living extraordinary lives!

Wherefore then, is this lion at the head of the pride
does he exist at all? Is he sleeping long past in the cold earth? Is there such a one among us?


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