Alchemy and Evil – The Bornless One

Hey Guys, got a new ebook for all you FANTASY action fans to check out. It’s called Alchemy and Evil, The Bornless One.  Quite a title huh?

This is the first book in the Worlds in Chaos  trilogy. 
Imagine an alien world set in a distant future, where a small band of travellers set off on a journey across the largely unknown and hostile terrain of the planet Baraxia. This little band of people become unwittingly embroiled in a battle to save not only their planet, but the entire cosmos itself!

Who are these reluctant heroes? Well, take and old alchemist and his beautiful daughter, a young slave boy with latent psychic and healing powers, a mysterious stranger who covers his face and his companion, a gorgeous but deadly lizard girl and finally a rescued sacrificial female.

Add to the mix a huge flying Vortigen, a plethora of nasty alien creatures, a proto dragon, an elemental council of nature gods, an ancient book of secrets that no one can deciper, a primeval formless, evil force known only as The Bornless One and you have the recipe for one of the most exciting books to come out in years in the fantasy action genre.

The eponymously titled ‘force’ is mystery factor X. From whence it came we know not, but what is revealed in the book is its overweening desire to conquer all matter, space and time and eventually subsume them, creating chaos in the process. Only our little band of travellers hold the key to hope.

The Hagra D’ath is an ancient book we’re told holds the secret to existence in all dimensions but as yet, no one has been found to deciper it and in it is the possible means of restraining the Bornless One.

The fabulous proto dragon and father of all ancient flying creatures. Said to possess immmense power and strength combined with unmatched speed and agility in the air, coupled with the wisdom of old, Grindclaw is a loyal ally to the travellers and a most fearsome foe for the forces of evil.

She is the premier heroine of the story. Beautiful and gutsy, she leads the small band into battle like a modern Boudica.

These three represent an unholy trinity of dark magick that plan to thwart Florinella’s band at every turn and create victory for their master, The Bornless One.

In a planet where technology as been banned, olden day magick and sorcery abound and a clash of both occur in the battle for the ultimate destiny of Baraxia. The question is, who will win?

Alchemy and Evil, The Bornless One can be downloaded from the amazon kindle stores in and link: link:
You can view the short promo video on Daily Motion here:


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  1. Oh that sounds darkly delightful!

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