On Characters Who Are Mere Acquaintances: More Important Than You Think

worth reading folks.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Today I wanted to talk about bit characters: those small, barely glimpsed characters who nevertheless can leave a big impression and really make the world of your novel come alive.

Characters who, very possibly, could be the protagonists of their own spinoff adventures.

Yesterday I talked about an author’s relationship with her characters. What spurred this tangent from that discussion? An encounter I had with a really sweet woman who works as a security officer in the building where I live.

The building has lots of security officers who work different shifts, but this woman in particular always says hello and asks me how I’m doing. We’ve had lots of short but genuine conversations.

One day when I walked out in a suit, she told me I looked nice, so I thanked her and explained I was going to a job interview (she knows I’ve been looking for work). …

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