The Kingdom of Ice

This is a very interesting, creative read!


Few can remember the days,
Before the winter froze sublime
Valleys, verdant forests and
The land with frost and rime,
Blue skies have now turned ashen grey,
Gone forever is the greenery,
Now all that meets the eye this day,
Is ice and arctic scenery.

The Elves fled the island’s shores,
The cold wind in their sails, ever biting,
The piercing gale, beyond the pale,
To Dwarves whom still are fighting,
To retain their homes and treasury,
Far beneath the frozen snow,
And dig deeper, mining always,
The warmer land below.

There once was talk of Man and Oark,
Building a civilization together,
But then winter came, both quick to blame
And with icy sword, did sever
All bonds and ties (but no surprise),
They all went their separate ways,
To shiver and cower in lonely places
Or wander, numb and in a daze.

The river, once blue, turned silver

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