Movie Theatre / Cinema Walk Outs; A Response


I was intrigued with the title of a blog I came across here. ‘Why I Walked Out Of The Conjuring.’   I assumed it would be because the person found the film either too boring or scary, but it turned out to be neither.

The subject matter was actually ‘irresponsible, uncaring people who ruin others’ enjoyment in a cinema / Movie Theatre.’

Which brings me to this latest post.  I have noted myself in the last umpteen years, that peoples’ standards of behaviour towards others is drastically low and sometimes non existent. This apparently ubiquitous (excuse the expletives) ‘Fuck You, I’ll do what I like’ attitude ruins alot of pleasure / leisure time activities for most of us.

The sad things is….these selfish cretins don’t care if they spoil perhaps your only day/time off.

Which then brings me to my next point, as the blogger noted, watching films is an experience, where, like going to a theatre to see a play or a musical / opera, you NEED to see and hear what’s going on without impediment.

With the right kind of audience participation, movie going can be great in terms of seeing the action on a huge screen, good sound track quality and perhaps, if in 3D, great special effects.

having made my point  perhaps it’s time we all invested in a new, really large screen, all singing, all dancing new telly with the latest innovations, e,g, flat screen, HD/3D smart active etc…

Now I know some of may well be screaming ‘COST’  at the top of your lungs and you’d be right to because new smart tellys are exorbitent at the moment. However, this may be time to get our ‘smart’ head on and shop around for the best deals because, in my view, you have to see buying your new TV  in the long term, not the short term ‘cost.’

If we consider that cinema going is becoming spoiled for a growing number of people and becoming a trend now, doesn’t it make more sense to ‘invest’ in a good up to the minute TV and you can watch it in the privacy of your own home with shoes on or off, pocorn in hand and not bother anyone OR just sit and actually ‘watch’ the film, which this blog post was all about anyway!

So folks, what do you think?  Will cinema going become such an awful experience that people will shun it?  Is a bigger, better, modern telly in your living room the answer?  What do you think?


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